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analgesia such as paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories or stronger pain killers bladder catheterisation short-term when pain is severe and inhibiting urination topical anaesthetic ointment or jelly topical corticosteroid ointment or paste intralesional steroid injections oral steroids, eg, prednis ol one antistaphylococcal antibiotics if secondarily infected prolonged course of doxycycline or erythromycin to prevent recurrences.

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treatment consists ofeither doxycycline taken twice daily for week or azithromycin taken in a single doseof g.

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for children less than 8 years old, doxycycline and tetracycline are generally not indicated; therefore, for chloroquine-resistant p.

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axetil and doxycycline in treatment of patients with early lyme disease.


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